The Spirit of Exploration is in All of Us.

White Wilderness: The Antarctic Peninsula, is a photographic adventure through the most magnificent, pristine and sacrosanct terrain on earth. The images intimately reveal the dynamic Antarctic landscape on a journey from Ushuaia, Argentina, across the turbulent Drake passage to the protected waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. Deception Island, the penguin colonies of Port Lockroy, González Videla Station, Hannah Point, Livingston Island and the breathtaking Neumayer and Lemaire Channels are all represented here.

White Wilderness: The Antarctic Peninsula


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White Wilderness: The Antarctic Peninsula - Signed edition


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“I believe it is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.”

- Sir Ernest Shackleton -
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White Wilderness the Antarctic Peninsula

Astonishing beauty, quiet, still and spiritual. Antarctica is nature in its purest form, harmony, form, texture, light, color, motion and sound all in balance. The Antarctic Peninsula's spectacular landscapes are exquisitely represented in this beautiful book printed in Verona, Italy.

  • The cover of the book White Wilderness: The Antarctic Peninsula
  • A beautiful spread in the book.
  • “Natural Beauty Captured with an Amazing Artist's Talented Eye. From the warmth of your living room, you can almost touch the magnificent, pristine and raw landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula.”
    — Laura L
  • Antarctica Spread
  • A seal pictured in the book.
  • a picture of the icebergs in the antarctic.
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